2015 and Beyond…

Culture Garden Market is here to assist you with your growing goals, whether you are planning to design your yard into an organic food forest, build a vertical window planter for a city apartment, set up a rooftop garden in your community, grow year-round with an indoor system, or dream even bigger! We’re excited to hear about and get involved with all of your urban gardening missions, so stop by to say hello and browse the aisles.

We are available to help during all stages of the gardening process, from starting seeds and planting to harvest time. Our store is stocked with the materials you need to meet your plants’ needs, from lighting and nutrients to tools and watering systems. By providing both the necessary equipment and supplies, as well as a broad knowledge base and educational resources, our goal is to become your first and favorite community resource for networking with other gardeners. We aim to help expand the ability of the area’s urban growers to provide for our city.

Our current TEAM

3833 Steele Street, Suite B
Denver CO 80205

Our store is nestled in the historical industrial park at York and 40th. Once you are in the park, it feels as if you are in a little city within the city. With Denver’s urban renewal growing so rapidly, we are confident this awesome park will become a gem in the heart of the city!

OPEN  on appointment – Please email office@ccgrow.com

PHONE 303-955-2823